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Our A+ placements across the globe

Amberes exclusively partners with PE-backed SaaS businesses to scale out their Software Sales, Marketing, Professional Services, Software Engineering and Operations teams with A+ professionals.



We have a 3:1 of CV sent to placements, the longer and closer we work with a business, this goes down to 2:1.


Since 2016, we’ve placed 1000 people into positions globally.


We average 10 placements month.


We’ve placed professionals in 17 different countries.

Why do people partner with us?

We’re realistic

Sugar-coating things isn’t really our style. Sometimes, being realistic is difficult – but we know that it’s the right way to do business.

We don’t take on work we can’t do

If we can’t give you a best-in-class service, we’d rather politely decline or strategise a time when we can be a true extension of your brand.

We have a great retention rate

Working on a purely exclusive basis allows us to have a better go-to-market strategy, which in turn, allows us to give you the best talent on the market. A stronger process, equals better retention and happier candidates.

We thoroughly qualify our candidates

Matching candidates to opportunities that are only 70% right for them makes no sense. So, we have a watertight framework for qualifying candidates. No stone is left unturned, and it allows us to build stronger, longer lasting relationships.

We don’t just send CVs

It’s a waste of your time – and it’s a waste of ours, too. Quality will always override quantity at Amberes (and we want to avoid clogging up your inbox).

We aren’t corporate

And we’re proud of this. Recruitment is dealing with people’s lives, and in some cases, life-changing career moves. Being down to earth and personable is woven into the fabric of our organisation